Billy Adams

Billy Adams

Description of Practice

My vessels incorporate three different types of clay. During the making process, my clay varies in shrinkage; the outer layer shrinks by 14% and the inner layer by 4%. This is highlighted by his glazing technique. Each piece of work is fired between four and five times. After the standard bisquit firing, he applies a 1280 C glaze and follows it up with a 1100 C glaze firing, and then a 1040 C glaze firing, eventually ending with a 795 C luster firing. After the glazes are sprayed on, they are directionally rubbed off, only to be applied again. This builds up a rich vocabulary of tones and colours, highlighting the unique surface, which is characteristic of all my ceramic forms.

Artists Statement

Billy Adams is a potter whose work deals with exploring and experimenting with aspects of landscape. He works within the vessel format, combining textures and colours to give the viewer an intimate insight into his private view of ceramics. This world is a combination of structures and forms interacting with man made elements, provoking the onlooker to question the value of a vessel as a piece of sculpture.

Billy prefers to stay within the realms of the vessel. Rims, handles, lips and balance are commonplace within traditional ceramics, yet he uses them in an unique integrated structure which elevates them beyond their own identifiable function and so gives then another meaning. Their conclusive forms are recognized as jugs, bowls and vessels; however, these represent profound arguments concerning issues of an individual’s perception and memory of an ever-changing landscape.

The rock-like surfaces of my ceramic forms are alive with the vivid colours and nature and texture ed to appear weathered and eroded. My main inspiration is the countryside and the standing stones of my native Ireland and West Wales. I would like to think that my work forms a material link to /with our elusive mystical ancestry.


  • Stoke-on-Trent Contemporary Ceramics Collection, England

  • Crawford Museum, Cork, Ireland

  • Aberystwyth Museum Wales

  • Newport Museum, South Wales

  • Philadelphia Museum, USA

  • Various European private collectors

  • Fellow, C P A

Address: Pen-y-Banc, Glandwr, Cenarth, Carmarthenshire, SA38 9JN

Telephone: 07876 451887

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