Ken Day

Ken Day

Ken's work as a landscape and environmental photographer began as a need to record commissioned furniture he was creating in the early 1980s. The making of virtually instantaneous images on film soon balanced the much longer creative processes involved in fine woodwork. Art, science and nature meet in both disciplines, but photography became central to his endeavours as an artist when he started a new business to selling work in Wales. That work focuses on celebrating the beauty of landforms, natural history and human impact on the world. Each picture must tell a story, whether about the shapes in the landscape resulting from the forces of continental drift and glaciation, or the mystery of human history embedded in the fabric of the countryside. As well as the production of books, cards and prints, Ken undertakes commissions for a wide variety of purposes including recording historic buildings, family celebrations and public authority publications.

Contact: phone 07877 490026 / 01267 267757 or via

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Friday 29th September 2017 18:00pm - 20:00pm: Talk on Russian Art by Charlotte Leadbeater

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King Street Gallery cooperative includes artists from a wide range of disciplines,including contemporary fine art, ceramics, photographers, stained glass, wood turning, textiles and sculpture.

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3rd November 2017 - 3rd January 2018,

Winter Exhibition 2017

An exhibition of new works by gallery members for winter including paintings, original prints and fine art ceramics.

1st December 2017 - 13th December 2017,

John Slater - Frozen in Time

An exhibition of new work by photographer John Salter called Frozen in Time.

1st December 2017 - 31st December 2017,

Spotlight - Charlotte Leadbeater

The new Spotlight Room at King Street Gallery will be showcasing the fine art painting of Charlotte Leadbeater

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Friday 15th December, 2017Affordable Art at Christmas

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