Sarah Rhys

Sarah Rhys

Sarah Maria Rhys, Dip.A.D.,

“Psychologists now believe a certain amount of random behaviour is necessary for innovation.  You couldn’t be creative without striking out in new directions, and these directions were likely to be random.”  Quotation from Michael Crichton, writer.

I went to Art College in the sixties, Brighton, Nottingham and Goldsmiths and qualified with a Diploma in Fine Art and an Art Teachers Certificate.  I taught in a Comprehensive school in Eltham Green, London.  I discovered that I was unsuited for teaching and left after a couple of terms.  I took all sorts of work just to survive, nursing, shop assistant, factory and office work.  In the mid seventies I decided to move to Wales where my parents had come from.  I liked Carmarthen on my first visit, especially around the ‘Old Town’ specifically King Street through to Notts and Guildhall Square.  So I moved to Wales and got a job as a nursing assistant in the local hospital.  It was at this time that I joined the Carmarthen Sketch Club and went on to win the Presidents Award in 1997 for a surreal painting, and the Edith Lodwick Trophy in 2001 for a painting of Priory Row in Carmarthen.

In 1991 I began drawing houses to sell to the house occupants in order to boost my then very modest income.  Around that time the local council were threatening to demolish a local, Victorian built School, so I decided to draw the front and back of the school to keep as a record.  Later I did a large 4’x 3’ painting of the school which is now in the Carmarthenshire County Hall Collection together with the two original drawings.

In 2005 I became a member of King Street Gallery Co-operative, I soon took an active part in the running of the Gallery and am now Company Secretary and a Director.  Being a member of the Gallery provides a great incentive for me to paint as we have a change of exhibition every two months, which means having to produce new work constantly.

I like to paint interpretive scenes of Carmarthen and it’s people, paintings that have been described as ‘Composite’.  I have painted portraits of Welsh coalminers from the last century taken from old photographs and, as a contrast I do paintings of the surreal and the ridiculous.

“Why an artist is moved to identify with a particular theme, and in what manner he gives expression to it, is one of the mysteries of life.  It is clearly to do with the whole network of forces that make up his unique life and being”.  (quotation Herbert Whone 1996 artist & musician).

For more examples of my work, check out my website at:

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