Frankie Locke

Slate, Glass, Clay

Meet the artist on Saturday 8th June and Saturday 15th June 11am – 3pm

Born and brought up in the sea swimming town of Barry , influenced by tumbling tides, sea washed pebbles, and rolling waves, my work has explored the fluidity of movement through surface and form, recalling memories of seascapes and natural elements.

I studied BA Fine Art, Painting in Birmingham (1978-82), in the Art College affectionately referred to as `Margaret Street`, and painting is always my first creative way of expression.

Spending much of my working life as a scenic artist for theatre, film and television introduced me to a vast range of materials and approaches in both two and three dimensions and encouraged the exploration of combining materials in experimental ways.

Later I returned to study an MA in Ceramics at Cardiff Met (2004-6) developing my sculptural ceramic pieces which I begin by colouring the clays; creating my palette, then forming the laminate block which is then carved.

Relating my work to the environment has been an ongoing concern and the emotive feelings provoked by the essence of place drives my creativity; from the popples and rock pools of my locality to the swelling waters and geological layers of rock formations along the coastlines of Pembrokeshire; and more recently to the man made `slatescapes` of North Wales.

Exploring the Nantlle Valley and the quarries where the slate shards slide into the stillness of the flooded lakes and the rock drops to the blues below, that change through the lights of day, left me awestruck.

The recent works show the preliminary explorations into my observations of the quarry and feature the multiple responses to that experience through ceramic, glass and metal.

The Slatescapes of the Nantlle Valley provide inspiration for a body of studio work and visiting the location over and over again will enhance these experiences, capturing nuances of colour, atmosphere and patinated surfaces that have been affected by weather and seasonal change.

It is an ongoing preoccupation.

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