Geoff Brown In The Spotlight

Geoff Brown Paintings in the Spotlight

 1st – 30th June 2018

‘Spotlight’ exhibitions at King Street Gallery bring the work of an individual artist’s work together in a specially designated small exhibition room to enable a greater focus on their particular art and what lies behind it.

During month of June the gallery will feature the paintings of Geoff Brown

Geoff Brown  writes:       

In my college days, I went through a process many a student of painting go through, in that I utilised many different styles in a relatively short timescale. At Camberwell I worked in the sculpture school for my first year which had a major impact in the development of my later painting. Post college and during the early seventies I evolved the main characteristics of my present work, which attempts to find a balance between process and image. I have always been concerned with the tension between the actuality of the painting as an object in itself and its representational or suggested imagery. The imagery I use tends to appear non traditional, ordinary, everyday and often random. However, process, selection and sometimes juxtaposition, often makes it look differently. Ideas and preparatory information are recorded in a traditional sketchbook along with first and second hand photographic material built up over a long time frame to which I often return / add to/ modify. As far as the influence of other artists on my own work I would certainly mention the photo realists Richard Estes and Robert Bechtle as well as more historical figures from Piero Della Francesca to Edward Hopper.

Featured Artist Andrew Richards


Andrew Richards became a member of the gallery in August 2009. He is a photographer specialising mainly in travel, documentary photography.

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1st June 2018 - 30th June 2018,

Geoff Brown In The Spotlight

The new Spotlight Room at King Street Gallery will be showcasing the paintings of Geoff Brown

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