Helen Elliott “Contemporary Colour - Landscape & Life” in the Chate Room

Helen Elliott “Contemporary Colour - Landscape & Life” in the Chate Room

27th November – 23rd December


"Colour has been the primary interest in my work for over 30 years.  A lifetime of imagery is condensed and contained in the solitary act of painting. The foreground my feet in the sand or grasses. The mid ground with its people and sheen of water,  the background far away.  Content is the function of how far or near things appear, and as I look closer, that which was hidden becomes visible. 
A painting doesn’t reveal itself all at once but reflects, bit by bit, unfolding recognition. I paint because I can never see enough and I return to where I love, frequently.  The paint applied becomes a place,  place becomes a thought, thought returns me to the place and back to the painting. 
A painting is like a circus tent. In reality it is only cloth stretched over wooden sticks. It appears substantial, everything looks familiar but other worldly at the same time. I don’t want the viewer to look at the painting and imagine themselves in the landscape.  I want the viewer to look at the painting and experience the paint, a state of lucidity,  and of recognition. 
The greatest joy for me is to put paint on the canvas; that first initial brushstroke, full of excitement and optimism. The second greatest joy is have somebody look at the painting and say “I know that place, I recognise that feeling, I know where you where. I know where you were and what you were feeling right there, right then, and I like it.” That’s the essence of painting for me; the communication between the viewer and the artist, and that’s a rare moment.  

If I’ve done my job well then that’s enough.  Eyes not told what to see more."
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27th November 2020 - 23rd December 2020,

Helen Elliott “Contemporary Colour - Landscape & Life” in the Chate Room

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