Nikita Altay 'Shadows of the Soul'

Shadows of the Soul

"Art is a shadow cast by our artist's soul upon the world, not needed but essential in a mstical way in our hundrum lives"

Following the success of his previous exhibitions at Oriel King Street, we are pleased to present an exclusive collection of new paintings by Nikita Altay from St Petersburg, Russia. Nikita Altay pursued a career as a fashion model and rock singer before devoting himself to the visual arts. Both his parents were well known artists. He trained in the Repin Institute in St Petersburg and his work is exhibited in Russia, Europ and the USA. 

Nikita Altay's works are shown unstretched, on the wall. There are two prices - one for unstretched and a higher price for a properly stretched, but unframed canvas.

Charlotte Leadbeater will be giving a talk on Russian Art on 29th September at 6pm-8pm. The cost will be £7. Please contact the gallery to book a place.

Featured Artist Helen Llewelyn


Textiles have been the vehicle for Helen's art work for the last ten years. She joined King Street Gallery in January 2008.

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Friday 29th September 2017 18:00pm - 20:00pm: Talk on Russian Art by Charlotte Leadbeater

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King Street Gallery cooperative includes artists from a wide range of disciplines,including contemporary fine art, ceramics, photographers, stained glass, wood turning, textiles and sculpture.

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15th September 2017 - 1st November 2017,

Autumn Exhibition 2017

An exhibition of new works by gallery members for autumn including paintings, original prints and fine art ceramics.

29th September 2017 - 25th October 2017,

Nikita Altay 'Shadows of the Soul'

Nikita Altay is a renowned artist from St Petersburg, Russia

2nd October 2017 - 28th October 2017,

Spotlight - Helen Llewelyn

The new Spotlight Room at King Street Gallery will be showcasing the exiting textile work of gallery member Helen Llewelyn.

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