Peter Rossiter In The Spotlight

100 x 365 Yesterdays

 1st – 31st May 2018

‘Spotlight’ exhibitions at King Street Gallery bring the work of an individual artist’s work together in a specially designated small exhibition room to enable a greater focus on their particular art and what lies behind it.

Peter Rossiter focuses on a specific moment in time, taking as a starting point May 1918, hence the title:“100x365 yesterdays.”

 “The work I am showing is a response to momentous times. A big subject, with vast numbers. I am using the Spotlight gallery to hone in on some specific events that took place a hundred years ago. For example: researching the period, I was shocked to discover the pandemic outbreak, the so called Spanish Flu, which began in 1918, had within its first 25 weeks, i.e. by early June 1918, killed 25 million people. Many more than died on both sides on the battlefields. 

Against that macro view, I am placing, by contrast, the micro: an image of my aunt’s father dressed in German military uniform, on a post card mailed in June 1918. On the reverse is there is his handwritten inscription to Hilde his eight year old daughter. The note ends with love and kisses, from “Your Papa”, and he reassures her, “I have no gun or bullets in my leather holster, just my sandwiches.”

Peter Rossiter’s recent painting has tended to be more and more abstract, reflecting the artist’s fascination purely with the processes of image making. This ‘spotlight’ exhibition with its basis in a historical perspective, is much closer to a conceptual approach. Although individual paintings are for sale, the exhibit exists as a whole entity: not just as individual pieces on four walls. There is also an accompanying book with prints, explanatory text, and poetry by the artist. Peter has lived and worked in Wales since 1986. He is an artist, curator, lecturer and also a member of the Newport Collective, Newport Pembrokeshire. 

Peter Rossiter will be giving a talk about his Spotlight exhibition at King Street Gallery on Wednesday 23rd May 2018 at 6 p.m.“The exhibition focuses issues and events from a hundred years ago, they seem to me to be very relevant to us today. My aim is to bring the past to life in a such a way that it illuminates the present.” Peter will also be glad to discuss the various painting and printing techniques he has adopted, and explore the connections between art, art history and history.

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