Raymond Church and Peter Rossiter


An exhibition of paintings, sculpture and ceramics

30 August – 18 September

Peter Rossiter

“Our meeting to discuss plans for the show, was a bit like parents, anticipating how our children might play well together. 

My “sculptures” using repurposed plastic toys address themes of masculinity, and warfare and echo some of Ray’s preoccupations, whilst the large abstract canvasses which refer to broad themes like space, time and reflections, will act as a contrast and foil to the three dimensional work.”

Raymond Church

World renowned ceramic artist Ray church produces Greek attic style 'rip off' vases decorated with highly seductive contemporary imagery. Blaspomas and playful, assertive and anxious in their hyper masculinity.


Featured Artist Elaine Graham


Elaine Graham is a coastal and landscape painter currently working in West Wales. Born in Vancouver, Canada she starting painting at the age of 9 years and graduated with a Fine Arts degree from the University of Toronto.

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Saturday 21st September 2019 18:30pm - 20:30pm: The Last Man On The Moon

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King Street Gallery cooperative includes artists from a wide range of disciplines,including contemporary fine art, ceramics, photographers, stained glass, wood turning, textiles and sculpture.

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30th August 2019 - 18th September 2019,

Raymond Church and Peter Rossiter

An exhibition of paintings, sculpture and ceramics by Raymond Church and Peter Rossiter.

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