Spotlight - Donna Gray 'Angels - Angylion'

A new exhibition which opens on 1st November in the Spotlight Room, King Street Gallery showcases the figurative art of Donna Gray. The exhibition displays her most recent work which is inspired by Old Master paintings and statues of angels.

Donna Gray is a figurative painter from Carmarthenshire. She graduated with an honours degree in Graphic Design at Carmarthenshire College of Technology and Art in 1999. Shortly afterwards she worked as a Broadcasting Graphic Designer for Welsh language TV company Tinopolis and more recently as a Graphic Designer for Carmarthenshire County Council. In 2008 she rediscovered her passion for painting.

Portraits and figurative pieces form the basis of her work. She finds people the most interesting subject matter of all, and is fascinated by the challenge of capturing the likeness and character of the person. “I am inspired every day by the people who surround me especially my daughters with their cherubic and classical features”.  

She enjoys sketching in biro or charcoal and makes longer studies with water mixable oils on canvas or board.

Donna will be available for you to meet and talk to at the gallery on Monday 13th November between 10am and 5pm and Saturday 25th November between 11am and 3pm. The exhibition runs until 29th November.

Featured Artist Ann Goodfellow


Ann Goodfellow, director of King Street Gallery is a Ceramic Artist and Painter Working in West Wales. She has exhibited widely in the UK and internationally.

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Spotlight - Donna Gray 'Angels - Angylion'

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