Each month a different King Street Gallery artist is featured in our Spotlight Room. Throughout May painter Paul Stokle will be showing his work in an exquisite new exhibition called “The Freedom to Explore”.

Two styles have dominated Paul’s thoughts for decades, one being the abstract form and the other traditional. There’s quite a distinct difference between the two, in the visual sense and in the application.

The abstract work, with which the people who know his work will instantly recognize his unique strong, atmospheric, glowing palette using restrained horizontal linear effects, giving the painter a sense of 'controlled freedom' as he calls it, because the paint just wants to do its own thing and somehow the painter has to make it work.

The thought process in creating these paintings was actually derived from his prior years of working on his traditional paintings when he was younger, using some of the lessons learnt, some techniques were passed on through into the abstracts such as recession, light, colour harmony and space.

Although the traditional work has taken a back seat for the last twenty-five years, the skills he learnt for himself and during four years of tuition with his father, in his mind, cannot go to waste and must be passed on. Hence, keeping both alive as this exhibition shows, his recent abstracts are joined by new traditional work.

But this time, just for fun, he has added an extra twist to the tale, in the form of abstract photography.

This is a collection of ‘strange photographic prints’, all coming from the natural world, but most don't look as if they have.

Paul tells us: “I stress, no Photoshop has been involved, just some creative imagination. I like to work within the guidelines of working in photographic darkroom limitations.”

This viewpoint also came from his early years of painting, when he was teaching himself how to see the beauty of the mundane, so to understand how to paint better, and this viewpoint has been developed over the past ten years in a different medium, never shown or revealed before.

These photographs make you wonder if they are real or not, have a strong sense of the abstract and a little disbelief. But, at the same time, most can be sensed or recognized for what it is, e.g. water, clouds, etc.

"I am a strong observer of nature, recession, colour and light,” says Paul. “It grows stronger with every decade with more understanding and joy."

“The Freedom to Explore” runs in the Spotlight Room throughout May. Find out more about Paul Stokle’s work by following this link.



Members of Aberystwyth Printmakers are currently showing a diverse range of work in the Chate Room in their ‘New Beginnings’ exhibition which runs until 15th May. The show features a selection of prints produced by various printmaking techniques including linocut, woodcut, etching, screen printing and lithography.

Aberystwyth Printmakers was established in 2004 and has around 60-70 members comprising of both professional and amateur artists, printmakers, students and members of the public who are interested in printmaking. The group was initially set up to help provide support and facilities for printmakers, principally in Aberystwyth; however, the group has since expanded to include members from across Wales and the UK, Ireland, Germany and as far away as Australia!

Read more here…



“Landfall”, a stunning new show by painter Sue Mann, runs in the Chate Room from 17th to 29th May.

Sue Mann is a painter responding outside in oils, egg tempera and other media in all seasons. She prepares her own paint by grinding pigment, and leads workshops to encourage others to explore the art f preparing paint. She has shown in Wales, Cornwall, Norfolk and London, collecting prizes for her efforts in Plein Air competitions.

There is a “Landfall” opening event on 18th May, 6-8pm – all are welcome!

Additionally, Sue will be running an Egg Tempera Workshop at the Gallery on 25th May, 11am – 4pm. The cost of attending is £45. For more information, or to book your place, please contact Sue on the following numbers/addresses:

Telephone: 01792-203514
Text: 07974391251



Our Early Summer Show of new work by King Street Gallery artists is now open!

In this refreshing show you’ll find a wide array of work, from painting and fine art ceramics to photography, prints, sculpture, textiles and jewellery.

Pop in for a visit and be inspired! The show runs until early July.



King Street Gallery artists Peter Rossiter, Maria Pierides and Neill Curran are currently presenting a new exhibition, “Trichotomic Interactions”, at Make it in Wales in Cardigan.

The exhibition runs upstairs at Stiwdio 3 until 4th June and is well worth a visit!



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Early Summer Exhibition 2019

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1st May 2019 - 31st May 2019,

Paul Stokle In The Spotlight

The new Spotlight Room at King Street Gallery will be showcasing the paintings and abstract photography of Paul Stokle

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'Landfall' - paintings by Sue Mann

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