In the Spotlight: Helen Llewelyn 

Happy New Year from King Street Gallery!

Each month a different King Street Gallery artist is featured in our Spotlight Room. Throughout January textile artist Helen Llewelyn will be showing that there are no ‘hang ups’ (!) regarding the myth that quilts are too conventional, too stuffy and too conformist in her new exhibition “Quilt to Thrill”.

Inspired by a wide variety of subjects - from landscape, historic buildings, abstract forms, stories and even a song - Helen Llewelyn has been exploring the huge possibilities of textile art for over twenty years and is still experimenting with colour, form and display, earning a first class honours degree and winning a national award along the way.

The general perception of quilts as being something a bit staid still prevails, with the image of a patterned covering on grandma’s bed coming to mind. But quilt art is anything but sedate, formal, sober or unadventurous. The spotlight therefore is on quashing the myth with a great splash of colour, with shapes that conjure rhythmic movements, and with textures that entice that impetus to touch.

And quilt art does not stop there, for there is huge flexibility to be tapped into with regard to arranging exhibits. The pieces are hung so to act as one body – and yet are nebuolous and indefinite, with the disarray stimulating the eye.

Each piece in the exhibition has a different source of inspiration and notwithstanding the disorder of the presentation one can still glimpse the crooked church spire at Chesterfield, the flowers at Aberglasney, and the lighthouse at Whitford. Combining quilting, weaving and tapestry, her byword is ‘hwyl’.

Find out more about Helen Llewelyn’s work…


King Street Gallery is pleased to announce it is once again hosting a January sale. Many pieces that have been on show over the past year have been reduced, so if you’ve had your eye on a special piece, do drop in – but make sure you come early! The sale opens in the Chate Room on Friday 10th January.


We’re delighted to start the new year with a fresh show of inspiring work by KSG artists.

In the New Year Show, which runs until early March, you’ll find a wide array of work: from painting and fine art ceramics to photography, prints, sculpture, textiles and jewellery.

Why not pop in and see for yourself - and bring some beauty into your home in 2020!


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Saturday 21st March 2020 10:00am - 16:00pm: Landscape: Expression and Structure by David Tress

Saturday 25th April 2020 10:00am - 16:00pm: Landscape: Expression and Structure by David Tress 2

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King Street Gallery cooperative includes artists from a wide range of disciplines,including contemporary fine art, ceramics, photographers, stained glass, wood turning, textiles and sculpture.

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2nd January 2020 - 31st January 2020,

Helen Llewelyn in the Spotlight

Gallery member Helen Llewelyn showcases her work in the Spotlight room

10th January 2020 - 5th February 2020,

Art Sale 2020

The annual January sale of members' artwork at reduced prices in the Chate room at King Street Gallery

10th January 2020 - 4th March 2020,

Members New Year Exhibition 2020

An exhibition of new works by gallery members for the New Year including paintings, original prints, fine art ceramics, photography, textiles and jewellery.

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