Each month a different King Street Gallery artist is featured in our Spotlight Room. Throughout December ceramicist Mathew Edenbrow will be showing his work in a dazzling new exhibition entitled “Cousins: our face in nature’s mirror” .

Mathew Edenbrow is a self-taught ceramic animal sculptor based in Llangeitho, Ceredigion. His work is strongly informed by his varied life experiences with wild animals and his academic understanding of animal behaviour, gained during and after being awarded his PhD investigating animal personality.

With each piece he creates, Mathew seeks to capture everyday moments within the lives of animals to provide insight into animal behaviour. In particular, his work aims to show how small, often minute changes in body form or expression can convey not only information, but also give insight into an individual’s intent, motivation and emotional state. During the creation of each piece Mathew also hopes to show the beauty of the animal form and hopefully reveal something to the observer that they may not have previously noticed.

The focus of this collection of work is inspired by Mathew’s lifelong fascination with primates, and in particular, our closet living relatives the great apes. It was after reading the books of Jane Goodall and Dian Fossey at an early age that Mathew began to understand how similar we are to our closest living cousins. For example, chimpanzees use tools and hunt for animal protein, orangutans create umbrellas from leaves and gorillas make mattresses out of leaves each night upon which to sleep. This collection therefore seeks to open a door into the private lives of our great ape cousins and show behaviours that not only mirror aspects of our own, but also link us intimately to these majestic animals.

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There’s still time to catch “Kith and Kiln - Graham Newing and Family” which runs in the Chate Room until December 11th. The exhibition showcases the talents of each of the following Newing family members:

  • Graham Newing – ceramics
  • Sally Newing – ceramics
  • Sally-Ann Newing – textiles
  • Matthew Newing – ceramics and drawings
  • Kate Markham – jewellery and photography
  • Sam Richardson – prints.

Graham comments: “I have been making pottery for over 60 years, having recognised my desire to be a potter at the age of 15 while attending Wimbledon School of Art. I make all of my pottery on the wheel, with some pieces being thrown in sections and assembled later. My inspiration comes from ideas that have developed over the years, by observing natural forms and discovering historical shapes of classical Greek and African pottery in museums. There are influences of art nouveau and art deco, that of European style, rather than of the Far East. My work has evolved from organic soft fungus forms inspired by natural flow, into more classical shapes with monochrome matt glaze decoration. Most of my pieces are decorated using the technique of sgraffito. The decoration is designed to accentuate and sometimes to oppose the contours of the pot.”



We have a fantastic Winter Show of new work by King Street Gallery artists which runs until early January!

In the Winter Show you’ll find a wide array of work, from painting and fine art ceramics to photography, prints, sculpture, textiles and jewellery.

Of course, a work of art can be the most unusual, personal and thrilling present to receive at Christmas, and you’ll find plenty of unique and beautiful pieces in the Gallery – including many priced at £100 or less.

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King Street Gallery cooperative includes artists from a wide range of disciplines,including contemporary fine art, ceramics, photographers, stained glass, wood turning, textiles and sculpture.

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4th November 2019 - 30th November 2019,

Hilary Coole In The Spotlight

The Spotlight Room at King Street Gallery will be showcasing the ceramics of Hilary Coole during November

8th November 2019 - 2nd January 2020,

Winter Members Exhibition 2019/20

An exhibition of new works by gallery members for winter including paintings, sculpture, original prints and fine art ceramics.

15th November 2019 - 11th December 2019,

'Kith and Kiln' - A Group show of Graham Newing's artistic family.

A new exhibition of work by Graham Newing, Sally Newing, Sally-Ann Newing, Mathew Newing, Kate Markham, and Sam Richardson at King Street Gallery

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