Newsletter: July 2018
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Each month a different King Street Gallery artist is featured in our Spotlight Room. Throughout July artist Tanya Rotherfield will be showing her work in a stunning new exhibition called “Less is More”.

Tanya comments: “’Less is More’ is a direct response to feelings and experiences I had whilst visiting the Amazon jungle in Brazil. On meeting people who live to a large extent outside our own age of white goods and convenience foods, I was struck by their resourcefulness and intense knowledge of their surroundings. I was inspired to produce a series of prints and drawings that converse with the viewer about some of the characteristics of the Amazon way of life that I believe we could learn from.”

We caught up with Tanya to find out more about his approach to creating fine art…

How would you summarise your approach as an artist?

If I had to summarise my approach as an artist, I would say that my art practice revolves around drawing and mark-making, primarily using pencils, graphite, watercolour and printmaking.

My finished images have usually started life in one of my numerous sketchbooks that accompany me everywhere I go. The sketchbooks are a record of interesting compositions, artefacts and snippets of chance conversations that inspire me.

Back in the studio I will further investigate a subject through research and close observation. Once I understand its key features and characteristics, I can begin to draw it and be sympathetic to its nature rather than its literal appearance. This way the viewer gets an impression of how I see the world.

When and where do you like to work?

I prefer to work in the morning as I am naturally a morning person and I usually choose to make my finished works in my studio which is well lit and has everything to hand from reference books to a printing press.

What are your favourite materials/tools?

Some people get excited about new shoes or a new hand bag, I get the same feeling about pencils and paper. I love the huge range of marks that can be made with a pencil. Combine this with how these marks are affected by different papers and you have years of potential experimentation/fun.

My favourite tool is my Little John etching press which is over 25 years old. I bought it second hand and love its simple design and beautiful engineering. It has many happy memories associated with it - one of which was talking to the artist I brought it from and seeing the wonderful work that he has printed with it over the years that he had owned it.

Prior to owning a printing press all my prints were made by hand which is a real labour of love, even if you’re only doing a small edition.

Who is your favourite artist and why?

Here I’ve cheated, I'm going for three artists as I couldn't choose between them.

Albecht Dürer - because of his incredible drafting skills and huge diversity of subjects, from the fur of a hare to the human form. He appeared to conquer every challenge that he was set and still make the image his own.

Charles Avery - for his beautifully rendered drawings that describe an alternative world taken from his imagination. Through these images made up of a minimum of well placed marks and lines Avery converses with the viewer about the odd ways/habits and characteristics of a humanoid race very much like our own.

Alison Lambert - I first saw Allison Lambert’s figurative drawings in Farnham. Her enormous drawings of figures were the first contemporary drawings I had seen being taken seriously as finished works rather than just as a preliminary exercises. Through her use of torn paper, Alison’s work also showed me that you can devise your own techniques and follow your own rules when it comes to drawing.

What is the most memorable exhibition you have ever been to?

The most memorable exhibition I have ever been to was one of Albecht Dürer's work in the British Museum. After taking an age to go through the exhibition of Dürer's drawings, etchings and woodcuts, I went back to the beginning and started all over again.

What five things make you happiest about your art practice?

1 - Getting so engrossed in a drawing or print that I lose track of time.
2 - Mastering a new skill that I can incorporate it into my working practice.
3 - Observing plants and insects in my garden or on my allotment and working out how to draw them.
4 - Going to print and drawing exhibitions and trying to work out how the artist has achieved a certain mark or print.
5 - Finding a good art shop and having time to look at everything.

Tanya Rotherfield will be available to meet members of the public at the Gallery on Monday 9th July between 10am and 5pm.


Above: "Quiet Time”, mixed media, Susan Sands.

A new exhibition, “Life Drawing Plus”, which runs in the Chate Room until 19th July, showcases rich and diverse work by members of the Life Drawing Group.

The Group brings together many artists who enjoy using different media and benefit from the availability of many good models. Several members will be showing a selection of their work including a number of subjects.

For the opportunity to talk to members of the Group about their art and approaches, come to the “Meet the Artists” event in the Chate Room on Saturday 14th July, 12-3pm.


An exhibition of Carmarthen School of Art 2018 graduates’ work – as chosen by King Street Gallery artists - runs from 20th July-1st August in the Chate Room, with an opening event on Friday 20th July (5:30-7:30pm).

This year’s selected graduates are:
  • Joe Frowen -  Ceramics
  • Alexander Fox-Robinson - Fine Art
  • Julie Lloyd - Textiles and Mixed Media
  • Fay Palkimas - Sculpture
  • Amanda J Freeman - Cermics
  • Laura Mae Rees – Photography
Visitors will have the opportunity to vote for their favourite to win the "John Malcolm Chate Award" for the best artist in the show. The winner will be invited to showcase their work in a solo exhibition called 'One Year On' in the Chate Room in 2019.

King Street Gallery artist Matt Pearce said: "Once again we have been seriously impressed by the talent and creativity being developed at Carmarthen School of Art.

“Exhibiting in a contemporary gallery is a great experience for graduates: it gives them an invaluable insight into how to approach a gallery, and how to curate and promote an interesting show.
"We have many collectors who come into the Gallery and for them it's the chance to spot those with future potential. We think visitors will agree that these graduates have a very bright future."


Our High Summer Show of new work by King Street Gallery artists is now open!

In this refreshing show you’ll find a wide array of work, from painting and fine art ceramics to photography, prints, sculpture, textiles and jewellery.

Pop in for a visit and be inspired! The show runs until early September.


Above: King Street Gallery artists Zara Kuchi, Charlotte Leadbeater and Ann Goodfellow at the Carmarthenshire Tourism Awards ceremony.

Everyone at King Street Gallery is thrilled that the Gallery has been awarded a Silver Award in the 'Made in Carmarthenshire' category of the Carmarthenshire Tourism Awards.

The awards evening provided great entertainment from the Llanelli Male Voice Choir and great company from the best of Carmarthenshire's small businesses.

The quality of services available across this beautiful county really is amazing. Do come and explore more of Carmarthenshire! And a big thank you Carmarthenshire Tourism Association!


King Street Gallery artist Elaine Graham has a new show, “Genius Loci”, at Abergalsney Gardens, Llangathen from 4-16th August.

At the show Elaine will unveil a fresh new collection of land and coastal scapes, using her colourist expressionism to celebrate of the spirit of this wonderful place called Wales.  

All are warmly invited to the Private View, 6pm-8pm, Friday 3rd August with free after-hours entrance to the mansion house and gardens.
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