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The Chate Room

John Slater
An Exhibition of Photography
1-13 December 2023


I am a photographer who has been developing work from my response to the Welsh environment through layers of time that has impacted on me.

I had been seeking to express the wider frame of vision that includes an understanding of the individual, as part of a connected whole using innovative technique that causes the image to become unique.

The idea for this work had its seeds set several years ago when working my M.A. My experience encountered moving through the digital world, and the world of computers is that the computer and its brain within, can give you your own stories and dreams and all that go with them.

So please allow me to take you on a journey where beauty and the unknown will give you the art of photography as you might have never seen it before. Please enjoy this exhibition.        

John Slater B.A.hons M.A.

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