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Christian Miller

With over 30 years experience of all pottery construction techniques and teaching ceramics, Christian is a highly qualified ceramist with an abundance of knowledge living in the heart of Gower. His work reflects a personal interest and passion in his natural environment. The theme and background behind some of his sculptures stems from a life long interest in Gower, the first designated Area of Outstanding Beauty and its complex geology.


The construction of Christian’s ceramic forms are produced in a conventional way as they have been thrown on the potters wheel. However, using special techniques whilst throwing he is able to create original art craft forms. The use of mixed media such as copper, wood and stone is part of what defines Christian’s unique designs. 


Christian's practical and functional pieces of work stem from his origins whilst training to throw in Holland with a traditionalist potter in 1989 who was heavily influenced by Japanese ceramics. From here Christian developed his own style of form and glazes while studying for his BA(Hons) in ceramics.


He continues to develop his own ideas and techniques when designing his functional sculptures in the form of teapots, bowls and vessels, whilst producing more traditional and functional studio ceramics. The majority of work is mid to high fired stoneware. However, on occasion, when producing more sculptural forms, volcanic crater glaze can be seen creating texture and colour throughout his work

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