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The Chate Room

Paula Hallam
28 June - 17 July 2024

I am a painter, originally from Lincolnshire. The visual language I use is deeply influenced by my youth, a love of dramatic landscapes and their sense of place. After completing my Fine Art degree at Coventry School of Art, travel has become an essential part of my practice. I spend as much time as I can in many of Britain’s remote destinations to paint and draw in the open air.

I focus on the use of colour as a vehicle for expressing emotions and how the line between the pictorial and abstract can be blurred, creating a new exciting world of paint that escapes from the weight of modernity and the mundane.

Paintings often begin en plein air in the form of sketches made from pencil, crayon or paint. Back in the studio, I work mainly with acrylics, constructing complex layers of translucent colour to arrive at a desired destination. Locations of special significance to me are Pembrokeshire, North Norfolk and Derbyshire.

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