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Michelle Slee

I am an abstract artist living in Swansea, Wales. I find inspiration in the world around me and enjoy creating tranquil and atmospheric landscapes and florals with a touch of fantasy and mystery.


I achieve a soft and atmospheric quality in my art using oils and cold wax medium. This combination creates a wonderful blend of colour, value and subtle textures that together conveys a sense of calm, peace and serenity. There is also an additional sense of encountering something changing, transforming, taking new shape or form - a turbulent sky, a landscape altered by the flow of a river or flowers clinging to the last stages of life. I love to explore the ever-changing world around us and our complex responses to its diverse forms. My recent work explores themes of emergence and transience and the beauty to be found in transformation and renewal.


I was delighted in June 2023 to be awarded first prize in the Llanwrtyd & District Heritage and Arts Centre 2023 Peace Amongst Beauty Open Art competition for my painting Distant Summit.

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