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Philip Huckin

Central to my work is the Ceredigion landscape, the mountains, hills and coastline, which are a constant source of inspiration. Here natural and man-made boundaries define the landscape: the field lines defined by trees, hedgerows and banks; the river valleys cutting and winding their way through the landscape; the boundary between the uplands and pastoral landscape below; and the farmsteads, settlements and ruins pointing to Ceredigion's deep historical and cultural past.

Philip Huckin has exhibited work in English and Welsh galleries and has work in Welsh, UK and international public and private collections

Welsh National Collections

MOMA Machynlleth

National Library of Wales



The River Arth’s Magic-Gwasg Gwynfil, 2015

The Spirit of Strata Florida-Gwasg Gwynfil, 2015

The Witch’s Valley-Atebol, 202

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